Germany-Canada | Partnerships at local level: sister cities

Many organizations in Canada and Germany are at work building and strengthening relationships between the two countries. One form of partnership at a very local level often gets overlooked: "sister/twin city" partnerships. The establishment of sister cities was always meant to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures. Especially after the end of the Second World War, partnerships between cities encouraged reconciliation between former foes, and development in the trade and tourism sector. Very often, such partnerships also lead to cooperation in the education sector and help young people gain new experiences through student exchanges. 

List of partnerships between German and Canadian cities:

  • Coburg (Bavaria) - Cobourg (Ontario)
  • Diedorf (Bavaria) - Kitchener (Ontario)
  • Diedorf (Bavaria) - Oshawa (Ontario)
  • Frankfurt am Main (Hesse) - Toronto (Ontario)
  • Grimma (Saxony) - Leduc (Alberta)
  • Hügelsheim (Baden-Württemberg) - Grand Centre (Alberta)
  • Lahr (Baden-Württemberg) - Belleville (Ontario)
  • Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg) - Windsor (Ontario)
  • Nördlingen/Wallerstein (Bavaria) - Markham (Ontario)
  • Zweibrücken (Rhineland-Palatinate) - Barrie (Ontario)

Please let us know if you have information about partnerships that are not listed here!

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