The Consulate General Departments

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Maintaining political relations with Canada is the task of the German Embassy in Ottawa. The Consulate General observes the political development in the provinces of its jurisdiction and reports on this subject to the Embassy and the Foreign Office in Berlin.

German economy remains strong


The promotion of the export industry is a major concern of the Foreign Office. For that reason the Consulate General is supporting German companies in close cooperation with other competent institutions, especially the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Another of the Consulate’s general tasks is to help German companies with their public relations work on the occasion of international exhibitions. Simultaneously, the Consulate fosters relations with other institutions promoting investments in its jurisdiction.

Installation "Mausefalle" des westafrikanischen Künstlers Meschac Gaba im Art Forum Berlin

Culture and Communication

Foreign cultural policy is considered to be the third pillar of German foreign policy, along with the classical diplomacy and promotion of the export industry. The realization of polito-cultural goals has been lately entrusted to a great extent to the so-called  “mediator organizations”. Cultural programming, for example, is now conceived by the Goethe-Institut in Montreal. The cultural section of the Consulate General coordinates common projects of various institutions in charge of the cultural exchange between Canada and  Germany. You will find a link to a list of these institutions as well as other German associations in the Consulate’s jurisdiction on the homepage.


Public relation

For all general inquiries please contact the Press and Public relations section of the Consulate General. We try to do our utmost to answer  your questions and to comply with your requests for advice, hints, publications and other information as well as decoration material.
For tourist information please check the Website of the German National Tourist Office at:

Map of German Foreign Missions in Canada

Interactive map of German diplomatic and consular representations in Canada

One embassy, three consulates general, and five honorary consuls offer their consular services across Canada, each covering a specific geographic region. To find out where please consult our interactive map.