German Walk Winnipeg

Welcome to our virtual German Walk Winnipeg! 

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We would like to take you on a journey on the trail of German-Canadian history in the city of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg boasts a diverse history and culture built by its settlers — German-speaking families who immigrated here generations ago

Ever since, the cultural diversity of Winnipeg has been shaped by immigration from all parts of the world. But as you will see, you can still find many places in Winnipeg with a German connection.

This web application aims to highlight the many landmarks that link Winnipeg to Germany.

Please note that our ambition has not and cannot be to establish a complete and scientifically correct list of places with a German pedigree in Winnipeg. But if you find errors or think another German landmark should be included, please contact us:


And now, viel Spaß beim German Walk

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