Interview with our intern Josephine Neumann

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Between mid-March and End of July, the Consulate General Vancouver was supported by the intern Josephine Neumann. After her internship, she will continue her studies in the MA-course Moving Cultures in Frankfurt (Main), Germany and start working on her thesis. Ms. Neumann lives in Mainz and works for the biggest German TV-Channel ZDF.

We are very thankful for her active support and the interview she gave us at the end of her internship. It was a great pleasure to work with Ms. Neumann.

In case you are interested in an internship at a foreign mission of the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt - AA), you can learn more about the daily routine of our interns here. You can apply on the Website of the German Foreign Office .

AA: Why did you decide to apply for an internship at one of the foreign missions of the Foreign Office?

JN: I’ve always had a great passion for languages and cultures, which is why the work of the Foreign Office always fascinated me. Especially the international aspect, as well as the daily contact with foreign policy themes, was a reason for me to apply for an internship at the Foreign Office. It was important to me to get an insight into the work of a foreign mission, because I can easily imagine working for the Foreign Office one day myself.

AA: In which sections have you worked during your four months internship? Which have been your main tasks as an intern?

JN: I was mainly working in the Cultural and Press Section and could for example support the Consulate General with organizing accompanying events to the concerts of Max Raabe and Ute Lemper. Right at the beginning of my internship we started to build up the Consulate General’s Facebook-page, so that I was able to contribute my previous knowledge  in this area.

In general, I felt very trusted and was able to work  independently which I am very  thankful for. I also had the opportunity to support the Consular and Legal Section for one week during my internship. This kind of work was completely new to me and it was especially interesting to find myself on the other side of the counter for once.

AA: Which tasks/projects did you find most interesting during that time?

JN: That’s not an easy decision to make – we had a lot of great projects. A other things, it was my job to write a report about the integration and immigration of refugees in Western Canada. That way I was able to learn a lot about Canada’s migration policy, which was particularly interesting in the current political situation.

It was also interesting to learn how German citizens in Canada are able to vote in the upcoming federal elections and which conditions have to be met in order to be registered as a voter.

AA: Did the internship meet your expectations?

JN: Definitely!  I learned a lot about the work and the functioning of a foreign mission and how the different sections work together. I was actively involved in different projects and my opinion was always highly valued, which was great.

AA: Do you have any recommendations for students who are interested in an internship like yours?

JN: Be open-minded and take initiative! I can only advise every intern to be bold enough to bring in their own ideas. Active participation is appreciated and suggestions were often discussed in the group. Beyond that, I visited many events during my internship and was able to socialize a lot. Commitment and self-confidence proofed to be important qualities throughout my internship.

AA: How did you like Vancouver as a city? Would you recommend it to other students?

JN: Vancouver is a beautiful city and an ideal location for a longer stay abroad. The city has a lot to offer and people who like outdoor-activities are in the right spot. I had a great time here and was able to meet a lot of wonderful people. I will always fondly remember my time at the Consulate General in Vancouver.

Thank you for the interview! Josephine Neumann @ Surrey German Language School Enlarge image Josephine Neumann @ Surrey German Language School (© Surrey German Language School)

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