Harald Kuckertz - Honorary Consul


The office of the Honorary Consul in Edmonton is going to be closed from 16.01.2018 until 06.02.2018.

Honorary Consul Harald Kuckertz Enlarge image Honorary Consul Harald Kuckertz (© GK Vancouver)

Office: Edmonton, Alberta

Reports to: Consulate General Vancouver

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., otherwise only with appointment. If you want to apply for a passport, please make an appointment.

Consular District: Alberta north of 52 degrees latitude and Northwest Territories

We offer the following services:

These services are not available: 

Please contact the Consulate General in Toronto instead

Honorary Consul in Edmonton, Alberta

Harald Kuckertz

8005-102 Street
Edmonton, AB  T6E 4A2

+1 780 434 0430
+1 780 439 9950