Repatriation (Ermessenseinbürgerung)

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In principle, repatriation of former Germans is possible, if there is a public interest in the naturalization. However, requirements for applicants residing abroad are more extensive than for residents of Germany.

Applicants will have to prove they have command of the German language and substantial ties to Germany as well as the ability to financially support themselves. There is no legal claim to repatriation.

As the German citizenship is based on the principle of avoiding dual citizenship, dual citizenship will only be granted by way of utmost exception. Applicants should be aware that they will most probably be asked to give up their current nationality before regaining the German nationality.

Please note: The competent German mission will forward your application for repatriation to the Federal Administrative Office (Bundesverwaltungsamt) in Germany. The application is subject to a fee which is due upon the final decision of the Federal Administrative Office. The processing time is approximately two years.

For further information regarding repatriation, leaflets, and application forms, please visit the detailed information on our German language website.

For further information please refer to the website of the Federal Office of Administration (in German language).

Regaining German citizenship for former Germans deprived of their citizenship

Former German citizens, who lost their German citizenship under the Nazi-regime due to political, racist or religious reasons and who reside abroad, can apply for Naturalization. The same applies to their children, if they would have become Germans had their parent(s) not lost their German citizenship.


Map of German Foreign Missions in Canada

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