Legalization of Canadian documents - procedure

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In the following, you will find information on the process of legalization.

  • NEW:
    Legalizations can be done at the German Consulate Toronto and Vancouver.

Legalizations can now be processed at the Consulate in Toronto and Vancouver. The responsibility of the Consulate depends on the place of origin of the document.

  • 1st step:  Acquisition of the authentication at the competent Canadian authority

Prior to legalization, the document has to be authenticated by the competent authority in the province where the document was issued / signed. The German Consulate can not obtain this prior authentication. If you are sending the documents from Germany, please include a letter for the Canadian authority, requesting the transfer of the authenticated document to the German Consulate Toronto/Vancouver. Please check directly with the authority regarding fees and the mailing procedures.

Which one is the competent Canadian authority? List of the authorities including contact information.

Please advise the authentication office that the authentication is for the German Consulate in Toronto/Vancouver and ask that the authentication includes a handwritten signature (no electronic signature). A certificate of authentication without a handwritten signature cannot be legalized.

  • 2nd step:  Legalization of the document by the German Consulate Toronto

a) In person

After booking an appointment on our website (see right column) you or a representative can bring the original, authenticated document to the German Consulate Toronto/Vancouver to have it legalized. The legalization is done on the spot and you will be able to take  the legalized document with you after your appointment. The fee (see chart below) is payable in cash (Canadian Dollars). Up to 5 documents can be legalized in one appointment slot, for more documents please book more appointments accordingly.

b) Mailing process

Authenticated documents can also be sent to the German Consulate Toronto/Vancouver (the responsibility of the Consulate depends on the place of origin of the document) by mail for legalization. We can forward the legalized document to persons in Canada or Germany.

Required paperwork


The authenticated document

Only originals can be legalized.


Cover letter

Including your name, address, phone number and/or email address (in case that we have any further questions).


Fee for the legalization (see chart below)

  • shipping within Canada: in Canadian Dollar, as money order or bank draft only, made out to "German Consulate Toronto/Vancouver"; for security reasons we do not recommend mailing cash
  • shipping to Germany: if the person who pays the fees resides in Germany, we can send a bill; otherwise money order or bank draft


Envelope for the return of the documents/for using a courier service

  • shipping within Canada: Self-addressed and prepaid (e.g. Canada Post X-presspost or envelope with prepaid and printed waybill with barcode for courier service) envelope
  • shipping to Germany: see options below

Please note: Documents that are sent in without authentication, cover letter, fees/proper money order or bank draft or return envelope cannot be processed.

Shipment to Germany

If you reside in Germany, you can receive an invoice for the legalization and shipping fees. Please note in your cover letter which option of shipment you are choosing and declare that you will pay the costs for the legalization and shipment.

Options for shipment to Germany:


Shipment via official mail

10 EUR

Please be aware that the official mail is sent to Germany only every other week and that processing and shipment times can take up to 4 weeks.


Shipment via FedEx (only at the Consulate in Toronto)

55 EUR


Self-addressed prepaid envelope

depends on mailing service provider

To be provided by sender. In this case, you will only be billed for the legalization fee.

Processing time for legalizations sent by mail is approx. 1 week. If the legalization request is incomplete (e.g. not or not correctly authenticated, no return envelope, etc), the processing will take longer. There is no rush/express option available. We kindly ask you to refrain from further inquiries regarding the status during this time.

  • Fees:

Type of document


Civil registry documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate

C$38.00 per document

all other documents or certificates

  • Documents that were signed in front of a Canadian notary public or lawyer
  • Canadian tribunal documents (e.g. divorce papers)
  • Canadian universitiy diplomas or degrees
  • Canadian certificate of good conduct (police clearance certificate)

C$68.00 per document

  • If the currency exchange rate changes between sending the documents and processing them, you will not have to pay the difference and won't receive any difference. This is to make the legalization process by mail possible.

  • The German Consulate does not assume liability for documents lost in the mail.

Legalization - procedure




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