Declaration of Name Change

Familienangelegenheiten Enlarge image (© colourbox) German civil law does not allow a change of name, unless the name change took place due to marriage, divorce or adoption. 

Name changes have to be officially declared for German jurisdiction.

Please be aware that if you are born or married in Canada your name is not automatically the same under German law!

If you changed your name in Canada as a result of getting married, divorced or being adopted (in Canada) after your last German passport has been issued, or if you are the parent of a German child born outside of Canada and wish to apply for the child's first German passport, please read the following leaflet before applying for a new passport. You might be required to submit a "declaration of name change" for you and/or your child prior to your application.

Please note that in order to apply for a passport under the new name, you need to present the name change certificate issued by the competent German Registrar's Office.

Required Documents for a Name Declaration (originals and 2 copies):

1. Birth certificates of both partners ('long form')

2. Valid passports of both partners

3. Official marriage certificate issued by the province ('long form', certificate from the church is not accepted)

4. Valid Permanent Resident Card or valid visa of the German partner

5. If the last passport of the German partner was issued in Germany: de-registration

6. If the German partner was married before: Recognition of divorce from Germany

7. If applicable: 'long form' birth certificate for each child

Name declaration form for name change after marriage

Name Change

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