Name Declaration for a Child

Enlarge image If a child of German parents is born outside of Germany, the child' name is not automatically evident according to German law, even if in the foreign (e.g. Canadian) birth certificate of the child a surname is already indicated.

Children of parents who carry a common surname according to German law automatically receive the surnames of their parents. If the parents carry different surnames at the time of the birth of the child, a name declaration for the child is usually necessary.

A name declaration is usually necessary when applying for a passport, or when the registration of a German birth is requested.

Required Documents for a Name Declaration for your Child (originals and 2 copies)


Both parents and childrens birth certificates ('long form'/"Registration of Live Birth" (from Vital Statistics) or "Déclaration de naissance" (Québec))


Valid passports of the parents (e.g. the legal guardians), if necessary the German passport that was valid at the time of the child's birth


For children over 14 years: Passport of the child


If the parents were married at the time of the birth: marriage certificate of parents (long form')


If parents were not married with one another at the time of the child's birth: Proof of the acknowledgment of the paternity


If necessary proof of the dissolution of the marriage of parents or of other marriages of parents (e.g. decree of divorce or death certificate of the spouse)


valid Permanent Resident Card or valid visa of the German parents


if the last German passport of a parent was issued in Germany: de-registration

In individual cases additional documents may be required.