Name declaration for children 18 and older

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You were born on or after September 01st, 1986, your parents were married at the time of your birth, and they have always had different names? If you are applying for your first German passport only now and if no declaration was given for you in the past, you have to give a name declaration now to determine your last name. The name indicated in your foreign birth certificate is mostly irrelevant.

If you were born outside of a marriage, you have automatically obtained the name your mother had at the time of your birth, even if a different name is indicated in your foreign birth certificate. If your name was not changed afterwards until your 18th birthday, a name change today is not possible.

If the name of your mother has changed in the meantime, you might be able to follow her name change. For further information in this case, please contact the competent consulates in Vancouver or Toronto.

Due to the complexity of German name law, please get in touch with the consulate in in advance if you are unsure whether you need a name declaration or whether the desired name is possible.

Necessary documents:

(each as original and two copies*)

Please be advised that the following are documents that have to be presented in routine cases. In individual cases the consulate or the civil registry in Germany can demand further documentation.

  • Filled out application form (see below), not signed
  • Birth certificate(If born in Canada: "long form"/"registration of life birth", issued by the respective province)
  • Valid passport of the applicant
  • If applicant is not a Canadian citizen: Permanent Resident Card or valid Canadian visa
  • Birth certificate of both parents (If parent/s born in Canada: "long form"/"registration of life birth", issued by the respective province)
  • Current passports of both parents, if applicable: German passport/s of German parent/s issued before and still valid at time of birth of the applicant 
  • Official marriage certificate of parents (if married in Canada: “long form”, issued by the respective province; marriage certificates issued by religious institutions or marriage license / proof of solemnization of marriage are not sufficient.)
  • If applicable: Proof of dissolution of marriage of parents (divorce decree or death certificate of one parent)
  • If German parent is a naturalized German citizen: German certificate of naturalization
  • If German parent was naturalized in Canada: Canadian certificate of naturalization and “Beibehaltungsgenehmigung”

Documents issued in a foreign language except German or English have to be presented with translation