Passports for German Citizens

Please note that it is absolutely necessary to book an appointment through our appointment booking system (link on the right) before applying for a passport. The Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver aim to offer as many appointments as possible and are therefore working a tight schedule. Applicants who come to either Consulate without an appointment will be turned away – even if they have to travel far to get to there. If you require an urgent appointment in case of an emergency, please contact the respective Consulate directly and explain your situation.

The Consulates General in Toronto and Vancouver do not charge fees for appointments. Any fees due will be charged on the day of your appointment!

Since March, 1st, 2017, the German biometric passport has changed its look. Passports issued on or after this date have added security features. You can find more information on the new passport here (in German language only). The passport applicatoin process remains unchanged. All biometric passports issued before March 1st, 2017 that are still valid will remain so until their expiration date. 

German passports contain a chip with the holder's fingerprints, which will be taken electronically at the time of the application. This applies to all passport holders above the age of six years.

It is required that the applicant appears in person at the German Foreign Mission.

The German passport for applicants under the age of 24 will be valid for six years; otherwise, it will be valid for 10 years. It is not possible to extend an expired passport. Instead we will issue you a new document.

Please submit your passport applications directly to the German Foreign Mission that services your area. You do not need to engage a third party service provider. For any questions please consult this website or contact your German Mission.

Please note that the German Foreign Mission cannot answer inquiries on the current status of your application.


Passport for Adults - Renewal

Have you been issued a German passport in the last 15 years? Here you can find out how to apply for your new biometric passport. Please note: It is not possible to extend an expired passport. Instead we will issue you a new document.

Fingerabdruck für neuen Pass

First Time Application for Adults

Is this your first application for a German passport? Please read the following information.


Passports for Minors

Children require their own travel documents when traveling to other countries. The German Foreign Missions in Canada issue biometric passports for minors. Passport applications must be filed in person, children including.


Declaration of Name Change

Have you changed your name outside of Germany (eg due to marriage or divorce), or are you a parent to a child born in Canada and would like to apply for the child's first German passport with us?  Please note that you may have to submit a Declaration of Name Change prior to applying for a passport.



Book Your Appointment


The Consulates General in Toronto and Vancouver are using an online appointment booking system. Please book your appointment in advance:

Appointments - Consulate in Toronto

Appointments - Consulate in Vancouver

Please note that for the time being the Safari browser is incompatible with the appointment booking system.

Appointments with Honorary Consuls may be booked over the phone. Please find their contact details here.

Which Foreign Mission offers which service?

Each Consulate General and Honorary Consul offers a different array of services. Find out which mission offers which service.


applicants above 24 years
ca C$140,-*
applicants under 24 years
ca C$105,-*

*depends on currency exchange rate. 

Fees are payable in cash in C$. We cannot accept cheques or debit cards. Only the Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

The office of the Honorary Consuls may charge additional fees.