Passport for Adults - Renewal

Passport Renewal Application: Application Form, Information Leaflet and Links

Passport Information Kit and Application Form for passport renewal. Note: Form can be filled out on screen when saved [pdf, 405.53k]

Passfotos / Photo requirements [pdf, 137.28k]

PR card (CIC)

Search of cit. (CIC)

German passports contain a chip with the holder's fingerprints, which will be taken electronically at the time of the application. It is required that the applicant appears in person at the German Foreign Mission.

It is not possible to extend an expired passport. Instead we will issue you a new document.

Who can apply for a German Passport?

Only German citizens may apply for a German passport. If you do not know whether you are a German citizen and eligible to apply for a German passport, please read the following information on German citizenship:
German citizenship

How long does it take to get my passport?

Passports are printed in Berlin by the Bundesdruckerei.

The processing time for passports and ID-cards is at present approx. 8-10 weeks. You have the option to apply for an express passport, which takes approx. 3 weeks for an additional fee of approx. 50,- CAD (prosessing times for applications made at one of the Honorary Consul's offices are approx. 2 weeks longer).

How long is my passport valid?

If you are younger than 24 years of age your passport will be valid for 6 years. If you are 24 years or older it will be valid for 10 years.

What documents do I need for a passport application?

· All documents have to be handed in as original + one copy.

Copies certified by a notary public or a German public authority can take the place of an original.

· Documents not issued in German, English or French have to be translated into German or English.

Please submit the following documents when you apply for your passport in person:


Completed and signed application form (please download here): 

Passport Information Kit and Application Form for passport renewal. Note: Form can be filled out on screen when saved [pdf, 405.53k]

Passfotos / Photo requirements [pdf, 137.28k]


One biometric passport picture, good contrast.


Last German passport (If your last passport was lost or stolen, a police report documenting the loss is required.)


Birth certificate (If you were born in Canada, the “Registration of Live Birth” / “Declaration de naissance” is required.)


If you were naturalized in Germany: German naturalization certificate OR “Registrierschein” (for late repatriates)


If you were naturalized in Canada: Canadian certificate of citizenship + “Beibehaltungsgenehmigung”, permit to retain German citizenship when adopting another citizenship


If you live in Canada as a foreigner: valid Canadian Permanent Resident Card OR valid visa OR Search of Citizenship Record


If applicable: your marriage certificate (If married in Canada, the official certificate from the registrar’s office / Directeur de l’état civil is required. Documents issued by a church or other religious institution are not sufficient.)


If your name has changed since your birth: a certificate of name issued by a German civil registry


If the address in your last passport is still a German residence: proof of deregistration (“Abmeldebescheinigung”)


Fees: applicants over 24 yrs: approx. CAN $ 140,- (depending on the exchange rate)

Applicants under 24 yrs: approx. CAN $ 105,- (depending on the exchange rate)

An additional fee of approx. CAN $ 100,- will apply for applications submitted with an Honorary Consul.

If you want the new passport to be sent my mail:


XPresspost prepaid envelope (standard size)

Shipments within ON or BC require XPresspost prepaid envelope – regional.

Shipments to other provinces require XPresspost prepaid envelope – national.


Signed notice on the use of mail services (part of the information package above)

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Where can I apply for a German passport?

If you are not registered in Germany you may apply at the German Foreign Mission that serves your area. 

You may also apply with one of our Honorary Consuls Offices. Additional fees may apply.

Please visit our service overview to find the mission that serves your area.

Service overview

Please note that you must book an appointment:

German Consulate Toronto

German Consulate Vancouver

Honorary Consul

Passport for Adults - Renewal


Book Your Appointment


The Consulates General in Toronto and Vancouver are using an online appointment booking system. Please book your appointment in advance:

Appointments - Consulate in Toronto

Appointments - Consulate in Vancouver

Please note that for the time being the Safari browser is incompatible with the appointment booking system.

Appointments with Honorary Consuls may be booked over the phone. Please find their contact details here.


applicants above 24 years
ca C$140,-*
applicants under 24 years
ca C$105,-*

*depends on currency exchange rate. 

Fees are payable in cash in C$. We cannot accept cheques or debit cards. Only the Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

The office of the Honorary Consuls may charge additional fees.