German Old Age Pensions

Enlarge image (© Copyright Colourbox) Many persons residing in Canada receive old age pensions from Germany. These payments are not made by the German missions, but by different German pension authorities. In general, banks carry out the payments for the pension authority.

Should you require information on your old age pension, please contact the German pension authority directly or a pension consultant (see right side).

The insurance agency "Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord" of the German statutory pension insurance scheme serves as liaison office for insured persons who have completed insurance periods in Canada or who live there.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord
Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 245
22159 Hamburg
Ph: 011-49-40 5300-0
Fax: 011-49-40 5300-14999


For further information please visit the website of the insurance agency:

Website of Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord

Information on how working in Germany and Canada will effect your pension can be found in the brochure "Working in Germany and Canada":

Brochure "Working in Germany and Canada"  (German language only)

If you have questions regarding German Social Insurance Pensions and are residing in Canada you can also contact:

Service Canada
International Operations
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L4
Phone: 1 613 957-1954 or 1 800 454-8731
Fax: 1 613 952-890

Please be informed that Service Canada can not offer extensive counseling. They merely send out the appropriate forms for the application for a German pension.

Translation Offices

As the official language in Germany is German, you might receive information from your pension authority in German only. The German Foreign Missions  do not offer translation services. Please contact a translation office for assistance. 

Please consult the list of translation offices on our website.

Contributors to the Quebec Plan

Applicants who reside in Quebec and have contributed to the Quebec pension plan can approach the following institution:

Régie des rentes Québec
Bureau des ententes de sécurité sociale
1055, boul.
René Lèvesque Est, 13^e étage
Montréal, QC  H2L 4S5
Tel: (514) 866-7332 etx. 7802
Fax: (514) 873-1811

Death of a Pensioner

When a beneficiary passes away the Pension Authority needs to be informed without delay. It will then discontinue the payments. The information can either be forwarded by the next of kin/executor of the estate or by the German Foreign Mission. Please allow time for due processing.

More information

German Old Age Pensions

Pension Consultants

Below we provide an incomplete list of pension consultants in the Canadian provinces.  Please note that this is not a recommendation. Please also note that typically pension consultants will charge a fee for their services.

Tax Consultants (English-speaking)

The following list is an incomplete listing of English speaking tax consultants and search services.

No taxation of so-called ghetto pensions

The new law on taxation of old age pensions does not apply to so-called ghetto pensions.

Map of German Foreign Missions in Canada

Interactive map of German diplomatic and consular representations in Canada

One embassy, three consulates general, and five honorary consuls offer their consular services across Canada, each covering a specific geographic region. To find out where please consult our interactive map.