Tax Consultants (English-speaking)

The following list is an incomplete listing of English speaking tax consultants and search services which is given without any liability. The list must not be understood as a recommendation for any tax consultant.
Please take note that the 'Finanzamt Neubrandenburg' will only accept income tax returns that have been signed personally or by a state approved tax consultant in Germany. Please ask your tax consultant.
Please be aware of the fact that tax consultants charge a fee for their services, which you should clarify in advance. Unfortunately, the German Foreign Missions cannot influence on the amount of the fees charged. Clients are liable for all occuring charges and fees.
Additional tax consultants can be found in German-speaking newspapers and in the Yellow Pages.

Search engines for tax consultants:

Bundessteuerberaterkammer (German only):

Deutscher Steuerberaterverband e.V. (also available in English and French)

European Register of Tax Consultants

Steuersachverständige/ Tax Consultants in Quebec

  • Rosemarie Plaene

    Rosemarie Plaene
    Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

    Rosemarie Plaene
    Bachelor of Commerce
    Diploma in Accountancy

    PO Box 3671
    253 Mount Echo Road
    Knowlton, QC, J0E 1V0

    450 242 1591
    450 242 2757

Tax Consultants (English-speaking)