Visa Information


The Visa Section of German Consulate Toronto doesn't offer consultation over the phone.

  • Please read the information on the website carefully and use the contact form for inquiries to specific questions only. If the information requested is readily available on our website, we may not reply to your message.
  • Please understand that questions regarding the status of a visa application will not be answered. If additional documents are required to process your application, the Consulate will contact you.
  • Please don't send unrequested documents to the Consulate, especially invitation letters. The Consulate doesn't have capacities to store documents before the submittal of the application. All documents have to be presented by the applicant at the time of the appointment with the Visa Section.
  • Only applications from residents of Canada (Permanent residents, persons holding a Canadian student visa or work permit) can be accepted. Applications from persons holding long-term visitor’s visa can only be accepted, if you can prove that it was not possible to apply in your home country.
  • You have to submit your application in person. Please note that with the introduction of the Visa Information System (VIS), being the new common visa IT system of all Schengen States, visa applications can not be filed at the offices of our Honorary Consuls.
  • You must book an appointment to submit your application via our Online Booking System

Short stays up to 90 days and transit

If you wish to stay in Germany for up to 90 days within a 6 months period or transit via Germany, and if you do not attempt to work in Germany, a Schengen visa is required. The Schengen visa does also entitle to enter other Schengen countries for tourist, business or visitor purpose.

Student Life In Germany

Long stays in Germany

Citizens who wish to stay in Germany for more than 90 days or wish to work have to apply for a Residence Permit.

Three Friends

Work and Travel in Germany for young Canadians with the Youth Mobility Agreement

The Youth Mobility Agreement between Canada and Germany offers a unique opportunity for young people to complement their post-secondary education, acquire hands-on work experience, and improve their knowledge of the other country’s language, culture and society.


Visa information for EU citizens

EU-Citizen do not need a visa to enter Germany for short and long stays. However, if you are moving to Germany, you must register at the city hall (Einwohnermeldeamt / Bürgeramt).

Where do I submit my visa application?


Find out where you must submit your visa application.

Contact the Visa Section of the German Consulate in Toronto


Send an email to the visa section of the Consulate General in Toronto.

Overview of visa fees

Please note that fees are payable in Canadian dollars. The German Consulate Toronto accepts credit cards and cash in CAD. For applicants under the age of 6 no visa processing fee is charged.

The Stories behind the Youth Mobility Visa

Daniel R. visiting the ECB

The Youth Mobility Agreement between Canada and Germany offers a unique opportunity for young Canadians to complement their post-secondary education but most of all to experience Germany, its culture, language and people. Many young Canadians take the opportunity to live in Germany for a year; here, we are portraying some of them and their experiences as a YMA student in Germany.