Transit visa

Who needs an airport transit visa

Entry clearance requirements depend on the citizenship and the resident status of the applicant.

Generally, citizens of the following countries need an airport transit visa:

Jordan (1)
Sri Lanka
South Sudan
Turkey (2)
1) Jordan: Holders of a valid visa for Australia, Israel or New Zealand and if they are travelling to these countries and are in possession  of a valid Boardcard or confirmed flight ticket do not need an airport transit visa
2) Turkey: Holders of a diplomatic, offical or ministerial passports do not need an airport transit visa


The following travellers do not require an airport transit visa (even if they are citizens of a country mentioned in the list above):

- holders of a valid Canadian Permanent Resident Card
- holders of a valid Canadian visa
- travellers who leave Canada after having used a Canadian visa and still have legal status in Canada (Your status in Canada is legal until the date stamped in your passport when you entered Canada. If you have a work/study permit your status is legal until the permit expires.)

International transit area

Please note that an airport transit visa only allows a short stay in the international transit area, neither leaving the airport’s international transit area nor overnight stays are possible.

Airport transit privilege does not apply and you will need a short stay visa:

  • If you have to pick up your baggage and/or have to check in again (please verify with your airline)
  • If you have to pass the passport control (please verify with your airline)
  • If you are transiting through two or more airports in Germany or another Schengen countries (for example: Toronto-Paris-Frankfurt-India or Toronto-Frankfurt-Munich-India)
  • If you hold an open ticket
  • If your stay in the international transit area exceeds 12 hours

Airports with International Transit Area

Only five airports in Germany have an International Transit Area:

  1. Cologne/Bonn (transit only possible between 4:30 am and 11:00 pm)
  2. Düsseldorf (transit only possible between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm and only if the airline has arranged the transit with airport security – please check with your airline)
  3. Frankfurt/Main
  4. Hamburg (limited time frame only 4:30 am to 11:30 pm)
  5. Munich (München)

Where and how to apply

The processing of an application for an airport transit visa takes approximately one week. The application can be submitted at the earliest 3 months prior to the planned trip.

The German Foreign Missions only accept applications from Canadian residents. Applications from persons holding a Canadian student visa, work permit or long-term visitor’s visa are also accepted.

You have to submit your application in person at the Foreign Mission which is responsible for your consular district.

Overview of consular districts

You must book an appointment when applying at the German Consulate in Toronto or Vancouver.

Request an appointment with the Visa Section in Toronto

Request an appointment with the Visa Section in Vancouver

Request an appointment with the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa

Required documents

Please download the checklist below to overwiew the documents have to be submitted upon application.
Checklist airport transit visa [pdf, 74.23k]
Please note:
Only applications which include ALL fully completed relevant forms, signed by the applicant and submitted with ALL the relevant documentation will be accepted. Please prepare your application ahead of time.

We reserve the right to request additional documents.

Passport requirements

Please note these important regulations concerning the passport for all applicants:

  1. Its validity has to extend the duration of the visa you are applying for by at least three months.
  2. It has to contain at least two blank pages.
  3. It must have been issued within the last ten years. A passport older than ten years that has been extended for a period exceeding ten years from the time of issuance cannot be accepted.

Send an email inquiry to the visa section at:

Convention refugees - Canadian Travel Document

Holders of a blue Canadian Travel Document (Convention of July 28th, 1951) do not need a visa for transit and/or short term stay (e.g. for tourism or business purposes) in Germany.