Convention refugees



Blue Travel Document for Refugees

You are allowed to travel to Germany without a visa for a duration up to 90 days. Please read below for more information.


For longer stays you will have to apply for a national visa before travelling to Germany.

You will need a Schengen visa for a stay up to 90 days.


For a national visa you have to apply at the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa.

Grey “Certificate of Identity”

This document is not recognized in Germany. It is not possible to apply for any visa with this document. Please apply for a national Passport.

You will need a Schengen visa, which will only be valid for Austria.


For a national visa please contact the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa.

Where do I submit my visa application?


Find out where you must submit your visa application.

Contact the Visa Section of the German Consulate in Toronto


Send an email to the visa section of the Consulate General in Toronto.

Travel health insurance requirements

Applicants for a visa application are required to present a health insurance policy which meets the following requirements: the insurance must be valid for the territory of all Schengen States  emerg...

Overview of visa fees

Please note that fees are payable in Canadian dollars. The German Consulate Toronto accepts credit cards and cash in CAD. For applicants under the age of 6 no visa processing fee is charged.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our answer to Frequently asked questions (FAQ) around Schengen visa, traveling minors, funds and more.

Introduction of Visa Information System (VIS)

VIS - Visa Information System

On 15th May 2014 the EU Visa Information System (VIS) was implemented. Visa applicants have to provide their biometric data (a digital photograph and 10 fingerprint scans) in person.