Immigrating to Germany

Are you planning to immigrate to Germany? Do you need information about recognition of your degree, finding work, housing, schools, cultural life, etc.? On this page, new immigrants can find a few starting points.

Also, the websites of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees both provide information, advice and contact adresses for new immigrants.

Welcome to Germany - Information for Immigrants

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has published a brochure for recent newcomers to Germany, with information on the main aspects of your new life here such as accommodation, work, health insurance, banking system, school etc.. Equally important, it tells you which people or organizations can help answer your questions and assist you in dealing with your new surroundings.


Working in Germany - this is how

Specialists are always welcome in Germany. The success of the economy is based on the excellent skills of our workers.  This brochure lists the group of specialists who can work in Germany without a priority examination.

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Access to the German labour market

Foreign nationals other than European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals may as a rule only seek gainful employment in Germany if they have a residence permit explicitly authorizing them to do so. More information on the general requirements for working in Germany and access to the German labour market can be found on the English language website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Welcome to Germany - Integrations courses for newcomers

Mastering the German language is probably the key to your successful integration. You should also get to know some basic facts about German society; it is particularly important to familiarize yourself with Germany’s culture, history and legal system. The German government offers a special integration course, which will help you do just that. Find out more...

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Settling in and living in Germany

Of course, you need more than just a job to get to settle into life in Germany in all senses of the word.

Immigrating to Germany

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Recognition of foreign degrees in Germany

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You have the possibility of having the professional qualification you obtained abroad compared with the requirements for this profession in Germany.

Recognition Act attracts skilled workers to Germany

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The Recognition Act has introduced a legal right to have overseas qualifications assessed in comparison to the German equivalent. Around 30,000 applications for the recognition of vocational qualifications received abroad have been submitted in the first year since the law entered effect.