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Germany and Canada

The relationship that has evolved between Germany and Canada since the end of the Second World War is a close and cordial one.  Both countries are members of NATO and share common political values, economic systems and lifestyles.  Germany and Canada show a remarkable degree of agreement on most issues. Relations have steadily intensified in recent years, to the point where a dense network of consultation and cooperation occurs at both the political and economic level.

Brandenburger Tor, Bürgerfest in Berlin am 25. März 2007

Germany and the EU

After centuries of bloody conflict, the integration of states and their interests has defeated nationalism and brought Europe an unparalleled period of peace, prosperity and stability. That is why the completion of European integration is our top political objective.

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Foreign Policy Issues

Recognizing political and humanitarian crises as early as possible and taking appropriate action is a key goal of German foreign policy. Our bilateral and international commitments are mutually complementary: we see decisions at the United Nations flanking humanitarian aid efforts and strengthening international law as much a priority as fostering international understanding through our cultural relations policy.

Bundeswehr in Mali

German Forces and NATO

German foreign policy is peace policy. In collaboration with its partners, Germany is active in the United Nations, NATO, the OSCE and other organizations, in pursuit of a fair, peaceful and stable international order. Within this policy, particular emphasis is placed on the prevention and resolution of crises as well as disarmament and non-proliferation.

Government, Foreign and European Policy


Current articles on the FFO Website

Current articles on the FFO Website

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