German Forces and NATO

German foreign policy is peace policy. In collaboration with its partners, Germany is active in the United Nations, NATO, the OSCE and other organizations, in pursuit of a fair, peaceful and stable international order. Within this policy, particular emphasis is placed on the prevention and resolution of crises as well as disarmament and non-proliferation.

Germany's Bundeswehr

A successful response to new challenges requires the application of a wide range of foreign, security, defence, and development policy instruments in order to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts at an early stage. With its broad spectrum of capabilities, the Bundeswehr has been making significant contributions towards the achievement of this goal.

All-volunteer military recruits

The German armed forces is now 100% volunteer. Over 3,400 German men and women began military service on July 4, 2011 as the first group of exclusively volunteer recruits. After over 50 years of conscripting soldiers, the Bundeswehr is now completely voluntary.

The Bundeswehr during operations

Shoulder to shoulder with their fellow soldiers from many nations, Bundeswehr servicemen and women are serving on missions from the Balkans to Afghanistan.