Germany's Bundeswehr

Enlarge image A successful response to new challenges requires the application of a wide range of foreign, security, defence, and development policy instruments in order to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts at an early stage. With its broad spectrum of capabilities, the Bundeswehr has been making significant contributions towards the achievement of this goal.

German-Canadian Air Force Museum

German-Canadian Airforce Museum

The German-Canadian Airforce Museum reminds of the fact that the Canadian Airforce was in Germany for 40 years, working together with the German Airforce. The museum shows not only how Canada and Germany have worked together as partners and in NATO, but also talks about developments in military aviation.

Air Force Museum

Bundeswehr Museum of Military History

The Bundeswehr Museum of Military History presents a guided tour of the history of military aviation and aerial warfare in Germany from their beginnings to the present day, putting them into a historical context. This includes aerial warfare operations by opposing armed forces during the two world wars and the presence of other armed forces on German soil after 1945.

German graves in Waterloo

German War Graves Commission

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. is a humanitarian organization charged by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany with recording, maintaining and caring for the graves of German war casualties abroad. The Volksbund provides information to relatives on all matters related to war graves, advises public and private institutions, promotes international cooperation in the area of war grave maintenance and encourages young people to come together to learn at the last resting places of war casualties.