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Moving to the EU? Where do you apply for a German work permit? Does an Indian citizen need a residence permit to study in Spain? And if you have been exploited for work, who can you call for support?

The EU Immigration Portal is a first point of entry for up-to-date, practical information on EU and national immigration procedures and policies. Workers, researchers, students and those looking to join their families already in the EU can find information adapted to their needs, about the Member State they are interested in moving to. The Portal also links directly to the websites of national authorities dealing with immigration. Users can also find straightforward information about their rights and whether they need a visa to come to the EU.

The EU Immigration Portal explains how to enter EU borders legally and describes the risks related to irregular migration, such as trafficking and smuggling. Migrants and potential migrants will also find a vast contact directory of governmental and non-governmental organisations which can help them. Moreover, migrants' support organisations, as well as immigration authorities, employment services and scholars, can also make use of the in-depth information accessible through the website. 

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