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Here you can find detailed informations about Germany - whether you visit us as a tourist, as a student, as a new resident or as a virtual traveller!

Altstadt von Goslar

Visit Germany as a Tourist

Over the past few years Germany has become a major European tourist destination. It is the second most popular cultural destination for Europeans, has overtaken Italy and is now level with France.

Culture and Lifestyle

There are many sides to cultural life in Germany: From North to South there are around 300 theaters and 130 professional orchestras. A number of regional and seasonal festivities as well as sport events add color and life to communities and cities. German Cuisine is full of culinary delights.

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Videos about Germany

Here we present a selection of videos on a variety of subjects such culture, sports, education, politics, the economy, and environmental issues.

Visit Germany

Schweriner Schloss

Make it in Germany

Web portal "Make it in Germany"

The new portal “Make it in Germany” shows qualified professionals from other countries the way to Germany – and what makes it worthwhile to live and work there.

Work and Travel in Germany for young Canadians with the Youth Mobility Agreement

Three Friends

The Youth Mobility Agreement between Canada and Germany offers a unique opportunity for young people to complement their post-secondary education, acquire hands-on work experience, and improve their knowledge of the other country’s language, culture and society.