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I am German

Germans not only love to travel, they also love to live, work and immerse themselves in other countries, including Canada. “I am German” is an interview and biography series of Germans who tell incredible or very ordinary stories about their lives in Canada.

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There are many sides to cultural life in Germany: From North to South there are around 300 theaters and 130 professional orchestras. The museum world is of quite unparalleled quality – featuring 630 art museums with diverse internationally renowned collections. Young German painting is equally vibrant, and is long since part of the international scene. And Germany is one of the major book nations, with around 94,000 new books and re-editions each year. The 350 dailies and thousands of magazines go to show how lively the German media world is. Moreover, German films are once again a great success at home and abroad.

Two cyclists at the bank of the Elbe river in Magdeburg look at cruise ship "Dresden".

Panorama Germany

Life in Germany is very diverse. There is a number of regional and seasonal festivities as well as sport events. Also the German Cuisine is full of culinary delights.

Culture and Lifestyle

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften an der beleuchteten Rostlaube der FU in Berlin-Dahlem

Deutsche Welle – Germany's international broadcaster

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Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster. It offers independent journalism, quality entertainment, and reliable background information from a European perspective. DW also offers free online German courses, which incorporate up-to-date multimedia materials such as videos and podcasts.