I am German

Have you ever been on a vacation to a country without meeting any Germans? Almost impossible – Germans love to travel and experience new places! But they do not only love travelling, they also love to live, work and immerse themselves in other countries. One of the most fascinating, attractive and prestigious destinations has always been Canada with not just its urban centres like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver but also its small and more remote communities.

  • Canada is a nation that has been shaped and influenced by immigration from and cultural exchanges with countries all over the world. Approximately 76% of Canada’s population declare having European roots. While nowadays a growing number of immigrants come from Africa, Central and South America and many more from Asia, still a substantial number of Canadians – up to 16% of today's population – are considered to have German roots.

“I am German” is an interview and biography series of Germans who tell incredible or very ordinary stories about their lives in Canada.

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Many Canadians have German ancestors. While the last big wave of German  immigrants arrived in Canada about sixty years ago, even today a few thousand Germans receive their permanent resident card each year. Why do they choose Canada as their new home country? Here we feature diverse perspectives of those who decided to try a new life in the new world.

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Many people, especially highly skilled professionals, don’t necessarily immigrate to Canada but come for a shorter period of time (even though some might eventually end up staying). They find themselves in-between two cultures and have the chance to look at both from a certain distance.

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German students love to travel and they love to study abroad! Canada is a popular destination because of its bilingualism, its impressive landscapes and unspoilt nature, and its open-minded people – just to name a few reasons.

I am German

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