Panorama Germany

"Panorama Germany" invites you to get to know Germany. It offers exhaustive basic information and numerous points of orientation - designed specially for our foreign readers.


Food and Drink

Germany is a country full of culinary delights. From sophisticated confections and delicate baked goods, to the textured flavours of its many meat and vegetable dishes, German cuisine treats the palate to a broad spectrum of tastes. Contrary to wide-spread stereotypes, German food is not only rich and heavy.

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Kölner Karneval


Germany is full of customs and traditions. The most important holidays are Christmas and Easter. But also the "Fifth Season" another term for carnival is very popular. 

Panorama Germany

Humboldt Universität

Fascinating World Heritage

Luthergedenkstätten in Wittenberg

Germany is strongly involved in the preservation of cultural monuments around the world. Now Germany has again been elected as a new member of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee until 2015.