Promotion of the German language and of German studies in Canada

Deutsch lernen Enlarge image (© picture-alliance/ dpa) Each year, the German government provides funding for the promotion of German Language and of German studies in Canada. Projects which aim at improving the quality of teaching German as a Foreign Language in Canada, proposals which provide teachers of German as a Foreign Language with new didactics and methodalogy as well as projects in the field of social studies and German studies will be considered for funding.

There are certain criteria which have to be met by the applicants: The project has to be executed at an appropriate professional level of quality. This includes the participation of experts chosen from the field. The emissive effect of the project considered for funding must be evident from the application (multiplier effect). Projects applied for are judged by whether, and to what extent, they will create long-term regional support systems for the of promotion of German as a Foreign Language. Finally, it must be shown that the applicant and/or a third party shall contribute an appropriate sum to the proposed project. There are further criteria which apply to the program, for the details see list of criteria below.

Applications are accepted from departments and faculties of secondary schools, colleges and universities and from associations created to promote the German language. Applications must sent to the German Embassy in Ottawa between August 1 and September 30 by e-mail. The applications will then be forwarded to the „Permanent Working Group, Netzwerk Deutsch" for discussion and first evaluation. The final decision on the total amount of funding will be made by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applicants will be most probably informed about the decision in spring.

If you need any further information on the application procedure, please contact the German Embassy in Ottawa.

Promotion of the German language and of German studies in Canada

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