Green Talents

Canada's young Green Talents wanted!

The Green Talents award, under the patronage of Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanka, honours 25 young researchers each year. The winners come from numerous countries and scientific disciplines and are recognized for their outstanding achievements in making our societies more sustainable.


The Embassy in Ottawa and the Consulate General in Montreal will only accept passport applications until June 30, 2015. After this date, applications will have to be submitted at the Consulate General in Toronto.

Dr Andreas Dombret Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Dr Andreas Dombret, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bundesbank, in Toronto

On April 20th and 21st, 2015, Dr Andreas Dombret, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, was in Toronto for high-level consultations with business representatives and media on topics related to the increasingly interdependent global financial markets. He gave a speech on the current situation in the euro area at the Rotman School of Business of the University of Toronto.

If you look closely enough, you will see that Jürgen`s shirt matches the colours of the puffin baskets. This is what I call German precision.

Puffin man on a mission: Jürgen and Elfie Schau, Berlin, Germany and Witless Bay, Newfoundland

Jürgen Schau leads a double life – and he doesn`t do anything to hide it. The people in Germany, and especially in Berlin where Jürgen comes from, would be aghast if they saw this man on the East coast of Canada: He is traipsing around at night, in a weird outfit, carrying a torch in one gloved hand, a butterfly net and a basket in the other -  and waders up to his waist.

Cylla von Tiedemann

Talk with Cylla von Tiedemann about Photography and German Roots

Cylla von Tiedemann is one of Canada's most treasured dance photographers. Her work with the world-renowned National Ballet of Canada has graced the covers of magazines, brochures, and gallery walls. Right now, one of her photographs can be seen all over Toronto – the promotional poster for the hit musical “Once”, which is staged by the Mirvish Theatre.

Heidi and Konrad Linckh

On top of the world and no vertigo: Heidi and Konrad Linckh, Gananoque, Ontario

When Heidi Linckh told her parents in Germany on a nice spring day last year what she had just done, they said: “Now all is lost!” Find out how Heidi and her husband Konrad ended up with a 138-metre tall tower in Ontario.

App Auswärtiges AMt

“Auswärtiges Amt – Auslandsvertretungen weltweit”: the app for finding German missions abroad on all standard mobile devices

Its interactive and informative app provides quick, easy access to the latest information from the FFO.  

Ambassador's Corner

Werner Wnendt

Werner Wnendt is Germany's ambassador to Canada.

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Facts about Germany

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